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Most plants are put in Offices because they look attractive, help to soften the harsh architectural lines of modern buildings and bring a little of nature indoors. For a majority of people these are reasons enough, but there is a growing body of scientific evidence that the value of indoor plants goes beyond the pure aesthetic.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a team of talented Horticulturists with a passion for designing and creating unique home and office environment using plants. At Excetra we have an experienced and professional team with years of combined experience and talent creating beautiful surroundings that are beautiful to work in.

We provide high quality indoor plants and excellent ongoing plant maintenance for your office, home, hotel or building . Our plants can help to enhance your office environment and add warmth to the office-scape. We provide Consultation , Design and Maintenance of plants

Our Service Include

  • Consultation and Design.
  • Servicing of plants twice a week.
  • Plants will be replaced  as and when required.
  • Wide variety of indoor plants will be used.
  • Specific plants for specific areas/needs will be provided.
    (Front Office/Reception; Work stations; Table Top; Balcony/ Terrace)
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